Volcano tunnel in Las Manchas

There are no limits to the diversity of La Palma. Even those who think they already know the island like the back of their hand will be amazed on this tour. On June 23, 1949, the earth cracked open in several places and a gigantic stream of lava poured over the Aridane Valley to the sea. The lava created several caves and tunnels. First we walk along a stilt path from which we can see the curious lava structures and formations from above. We will explain to you the peculiarities of volcanism, how a lava tube is formed and what these structures have been used for over thousands of years. With helmets and headlamps, we venture inside the cave and marvel together at the power of nature in the “Cueva de las Palomas” volcanic tunnel.

Walking time: 2 hours / Price 30€

Meeting point: At the benches below the “Caños de Fuego” visitor center. Where the Stelzenweg crosses the street. 

Please bring: sturdy shoes, a thin sweater, water 

TIP: If this tour is not available on your desired date, please send a request to: Lotte@graja-tours.de and I will get in touch with you.