Tuesdays: Culinary Coastal Tour

A wonderful hike through the most lush cultural landscape of La Palma and with wonderful views over the coast and the ocean. The area through which the hike takes us is called the “Granary of La Palma”. Today, grain is no longer grown there, but there is a colorful variety of fruit that practically falls into your lap while hiking and invites you to try it.

Your eyes wander into the distance over the rugged coast. The majority of the path is rocky, but it is well paved and easy to walk on. It constantly goes up and down through several small ravine. The highlight is the deep gorge behind the exciting natural beach of Nogales. Perseverance is required here – especially on the climb. The reward awaits not far away, in the historic coastal town of San Andres, where we treat ourselves to a cozy stop. Finally, you have the opportunity to cool off in the Charco Azul natural swimming pools before taking a taxi back to the starting point.

hiking time: 5 h / +300 m ‑650m / aprox. 12 km / 79€ incl. transfer region west and east (ask for others)