Pine forest at the Riachuelo

Start of the hike is the Cumbrecita (small roof) at 1350m altitude. From here you have great views of the highest mountains of La Palma and insights into the Caldera de Taburiente. You will be explained the formation and peculiarities of the caldera before heading south through the Riachuelo Valley in the shadow of the Cumbre Nueva. The path is well developed and again and again we have wonderful views of the Aridane valley and the Cumbre Vieja.

Most days of the year we can see the cloud waterfall cascading over the ridge. The path leads us through pine forest, which is naturally adorned with cistus and many other Canarian plants. Our hiking trail is also called the Gallery Trail because it leads past water tunnels. It now goes up and down through several gorges and along impressive rock walls. In the last quarter of the hike there are many almond trees that bloom magnificently from January to March.

At our destination, the oldest pine tree in the Canary Islands stands in front of a small church at an altitude of 850m. Here is the Virgen del Pino (Virgin of the Pines). Our hiking guide tells the legend about the appearance of the Virgin. Then it’s off to a well-deserved coffee.

Hiking time: 3 h| 7 km| +100 m/ ‑500m