Tuesdays: Waterfall of Clouds

Our tour begins above El Paso at the entrance to the Parque Natural de Cumbre Vieja. This circular hike is particularly interesting when the cloud waterfall passes over the Cumbre Vieja. The climb to Llano del Jable goes through the pine forest and is very pleasant to hike on old paths. When the weather is good, we have beautiful views of the cloud waterfall that flows over the Cumbre Nueva (1400m) and admire the Bejenado and the “plain” of Los Llanos de Aridane.

After about an hour we reach a huge field of black volcanic ash. Directly in front of us is the mountain Montana Quemada (Burnt Mountain). The volcano had erupted shortly before the Spanish conquered La Palma and was still smoking when they gave it its name. Now we dive into the mystical and completely unknown laurel forest of El Paso full of lichens, mosses, mushrooms and archways made of tree heather. We appear like dwarves in the jungle on the now steady descent.

hiking time: 3-4 h /  +-400m / aprox. 8 km / 65€ incl. transfer region west

Start 9:00 Los Llanos – end aprox. 14:00